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Rapid Diver Patent Info

The Rapid Diver has a full Patent and Trademark.   Aquaturis Inc is owner of the Patent and Trademark  and would consider licensing agreements with quality manufacturers.  If you are interested in carrying the Rapid Diver as part of your equipment line, please contact me directly at Chris@RapidDiver.com 

If you would like to report Patent or Trademark infringement, please contact

Illegal and unauthorized copies of the Rapid Diver load bearing front mount dive system are illegal. Any infringement on the Patent or trademark will be aggressively pursued.  The Rapid Diver is the only patented chest mount life support system available.


If you are a manufacturer and would like to license the Rapid Diver technology contact Christopher De Felice Chris@RapidDiver.com


We take patent and trademark infringement seriously.  If you know of any possible infringement please report it to:   Legal@RapidDiver.com